Don’t pay the 10% in advance, just save it!

Yes, we want you decide to come to Madrid! And to make you easier the desicion we have some deals for you. Booking through MADride you can get from 10 to 15% off in your accomodation in some of the best hostels and popular restaurants in Madrid.

 Steps to get your discount
  1. Take a look in our partners hostels or restaurants.
  2. Choose the one you prefer.
  3. Fill the form in the bottomDisocunt copy
  4. In the section for message tell us everything else you can’t say in the fields.
  5. Just wait. We’ll contact you to give you a promo code you can use with our partners
  6. After that you’ll have to make a normal reservaition directly with the place and give them our promotional code.



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Are you already in Madrid?

Maybe you are an adventurer and prefer to don’t make previous booking, well we have an option also for you, print this discount coupon and give it at reception of any of our partner hostels. CLIC HERE TO READ THE PROMO RESTRICTIONS

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