Board Game Bar in Madrid

Board Game Bar in Madrid

If you are the kind of person that loves challenges, but the weather is too bad right now for outdoor activities, we have a suggestion for you. What about a Board Game Bar Night?

We’ll play some classic games and other not that classic, like; Cards Against Humanity, have you ever played? if you have, we don’t need to say anything else , but if you haven’t yet, we’ll just tell you the slogan of the game ” a party game for horrible people” so, now you can imagine how fun it’s going to be. Of course, we’ll play also some more traditional like JENGA, but with a spicy touch to make it more interesting.

Get to know locals, expats and other travelers, break the ice by slapping somebody or telling and uncomfortable true, but don’t worry you can always escape from the embarrassing moments by having extra BOOZE!

From now we’ll continue hosting all board games geeks and social alcoholics untill…… well, until they stop coming!


WHEN: Every WEDNESDAY at 8 pm

WHERE: Black Mamba bar in la Latina

ADDRESS: Costanilla de San Pedro 5, Madrid

What to bring? Yourself and the biggest smile you have! Well, and some money in case you want to have some drinks.


Of course, we’ll have special deals on your drinks for all people that come specially for this, so if you want to drink cheaper, then you better play 😛

For all that people that wants to continue the party after the board game bar night, you always can join the Pub Crawl of course, with a special discount!

In case you also have really cool game you would like everybody gets to know, you can bring it or suggest it and we’ll try to get it for next time.

You check the event and register also in facebook through this link:

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