Fallas in Valencia


The Biggest Fire Parties

Falla in Valencia

You probably have heard about this fire parties in Valencia but you don’t know why they are called “Las Fallas”…Well, the word “fallas” its given after the feast of Saint Joseph and the constructions that appear in all of the neighborhoods on the days of this party. It’s important to know that each neighborhood has its own “falla”, these are normally made of paper so it’s easier to be burned in the event of la cremà. The purpose of each “falla” is different in each neighborhood, for example, satire or some art theme. It is said that carpenters were the ones that started this celebration by burning old junk, ends of wood and candles outside their workshops on St. Joseph’s eve. Then they changed the old junk for flammable materials called “fallas” as well.


The city of Valencia is now a modern place, receiving people from all over Spain and other countries every year. So that they can participate in this fire parties that have a history of centuries.

This year 2017 the parties will be celebrated again, being the first Fallas in Valencia to be celebrated after having declared them Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.

No matter if its day or night you can go to different events all over the city. Thousands of “falleras” and “falleros” take the streets wearing traditional and spectacular costumes. It is awesome to be a spectator in this celebration and watch how they dance to represent their neighborhood with pride.

Fallas en Valencia

The official program offers a diverse range of activities beginning at the end of February and through March, intensifying as the Fallas week approaches. So it’s important to keep in mind that the main days of Las Fallas are from March 15 to March 19 because you can be witness of a fabulous firework display in the Paseo de la Alameda, watch the Foc parade and of course watch all Fallas burn all over the city in the cremà, among other activities, fire and fun.

The good weather in Valencia is ideal to walk around the city and enjoy the music and the smell of gunpowder, although the traditional smell of Las Fallas party is the smell of hot buñuelos. Do not hesitate to walk down the streets admiring the Fallas while you enjoy a hot chocolate with buñuelos.


Can you picture yourself waking up with orchestra music, walking down the streets full of joy, attending to cultural events and party at night while enjoying fireworks? You don’t have to imagine it anymore! Join our trip “Let’s go to Las Fallas in Valencia” this March 19 and come and see why Valencians say that without cremà there are no Fallas…


Be part of Las Fallas 2017 with our experienced guides of Madride Travel…

When: 19th of March at 15:00

Our one day trip includes:

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Let’s Go to Las Fallas in Valencia

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