Tapas and flameno

Have you not know Madrid yet? if you are one of the many who dream of visiting this beautiful city, but you have not done so yet. Let me tell you a little about our beautiful metropolis.

Did you know? Madrid is the jewel of the Spanish crown and capital of Spain. It is characterized by its combination of fine craftsmanship and its natural beauty. It has a mix between the modern world, with a touch of medieval times.

The city is strategically positioned and raised on a plateau, with a river that crosses and makes it a wonder of nature.

Most people who travel to Madrid, visit places and landscapes that are part of the most important in the world. As the stadium of the Real Madrid football club, “Santiago Bernabéu”, “the Royal Palace”, among many other places. A walk through its streets will make you relive its years of history. But, the reality is, if you come to Madrid, you cannot leave, without first enjoying a tasting of their traditional tapas and living the experience of a flamenco show.

Both are Spanish traditions that combine unique gastronomy, with a dance recognized worldwide as flamenco“.

«Here are some of the reasons why you can’t miss the flamencos and tapas while you are touring Madrid».

The Flamenco Dance

Although the dance is well known in the south of the country, let me tell you that Madrid offers one of the best and most important flamenco shows in the world.

But what is this dance about? , Flamenco is a solo dance, a combination of a percussive leg with a rhythm that involves the hand, arm and body movement. The dance is usually molded by a singer and a guitar player.

¡The emotions! are the key that making this dance a marvel of modern times. 

While the traditional song is playing in the background, the dancer shows a passion expression that makes you feel the dance with him to the extent that you are bound to join the rhythm.

The Flamenco Experts

The flamenco dancers are probably the most patient people. This dance is a dedication of both wit, soul, and body.

A professional dancer must have mastered a pattern with which he has a connection with his entire body, while legs move, the hands and head must also do so!

There is no doubt that to enjoy a good flamenco, there is no better way than with the best dancers (or bailaroes) and singers (or cantaores) of the city. And if you ask, where are they? I will tell you in Las Tablas or Las carboneras. Both art pioneers in the city.

It is a unique show that you cannot miss! So, if you are in Madrid remember to go, live and enjoy the experience that the passion of flamenco offers you.


There’s no doubt, one of the most famous activities in Spain. “La tapa” it can be served cold or hot and is a food complement or excuse to share time with friends, family, and any new coming friend around.

It can vary from cheese and olives to a barbecue. Most people tend to think that they are light dishes, but the reality is, that in most cases, it is a complete meal.

There are countless theories about the origin of tapas

Today, these have evolved and have many options to choose from. The Spanish have mastered the use of tapas to attract customers. And also to show your world-class cooking preparation mode. This dish has gained flavor in most major cities in the world.

They may be the most underrated and little-known way of spending time in the city of Madrid, but once you try one tapa and have danced a flamenco, you won’t ever see Madrid in the same way.

Come with our wonderful team of MADride, to enjoy an experience that you will tell for generations.


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