Treasure Hunt in Barcelona. Best activity for big groups and team building.

A sightseeing activity with mini challenges in Barcelona streets.

Treasure City Hunt in Barcelona is the best outdoor activity for tourists or even locals who want to get to know the city´s history and legends. It is said that through this unique way of sightseeing, you´ll remember well the names of the landmarks and have a deeper connection with the history.

Barcelona is a lively city on Spain’s northeastern coast, famous for its stunning architecture by Antoni Gaudí and bustling streets filled with history. This activity will let you uncover the secrets and interesting facts about the city. Exploring around famous modern architectural monuments such as:

  • Basilica of La Sagrada Familia
  • Casa Batlló
  • Barcelona Cathedral
  • Casa Milà “La Pedrera”
  • Gran Liceu Theatre
  • Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art
  • National Art Museum of Catalonia
  • Picasso Museum in Barcelona
  • and more.

Get prepared and stay alert for every detail provided, as there might be concealed clues leading to the treasure! Ready to take on the challenge?

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2.5 hours




Available in



Minimum 10 pax

Got plans after? Join the

1 hour Flamenco Class


FOR ONLY 29€ per person

About this activity

It´s an outdoor activity that will test your intellectual & physical skills. You´ll go through different tasks and challenges in every step until you find the treasure. Here are some of those:

  • Starting point is in the city centre.
  • Clues will be handed
  • Comply the given challenge and you get the next clue
  • Solve mini puzzles and identify the name of the image
  • Find the given location and know the history
  • Answer trivia questions to get to the next stage
  • Do some fun & funny challenges
  • Take photos of iconic landmarks

1 drink included of your choice at the end of the activity. So you can regain some energy after finishing the challenges.

Note: We personalize different themes or routes according to your group´s interests, and requests.


What is Treasure City Hunting?

It is a set of different kind of games played with teams and deal with various challenges to win a prize, but it´s mainly about testing your competitive skills and having fun at the same time.

How to play it?

A set of challenges will be given for you to run, search and learn about the city´s hidden gems. It´s prohibited to use internet, maps or translator. Yet you´re allowed to ask people on the street for any questions you encounter. Your monitor will only communicate with you through a messaging app like Whatsapp.


The objective of the treasure city hunting is to complete the challenges as quickly as possible, before the other groups. Some of the games included are intellectual puzzles, treasure searching, balance challenges, and races.

What else to know

Tour Guide

Other languages are under request

Starting time at your convenience

Meeting point in the centre

More questions?

1 cocktail included

Physical activity

Team work

Analytical skills

Treasure at the end

What is not included

Any food or drinks not mentioned


Entrance fees


Shaibaz GadhwalaShaibaz Gadhwala
12:13 18 Dec 23
It was really fun and very entertaining. We truly enjoyed the tour.
Frederikke SchubartFrederikke Schubart
12:13 18 Dec 23
Gamze Laden AcarlıGamze Laden Acarlı
20:44 16 Dec 23
Our guide Fernando explained the story of spain in a very fun way and at the same time showed us the most important spots in Madrid. He also gave us hints about where to eat, see a flamenco show and do shopping. I would definitely suggest this free tour.
Junior ReyesJunior Reyes
00:38 16 Dec 23
Felipe was a great tour guide! Such a fantastic night! Definitely would take this tour again!
CW/Eric SeoCW/Eric Seo
19:01 15 Dec 23
Paula was super great !
Katiana KrawchenkoKatiana Krawchenko
12:17 04 Dec 23
Paola is the absolute best!! She knows everything and is such a joy. Filled with wonderful recommendations and how to avoid overpaying for stuff. Would recommend her to anyone looking for a great tour in Madrid. Learned a bunch and had lots of fun.
Juliana SekaiJuliana Sekai
12:23 24 Sep 23
Paola’s tour was amazing. She explained the history of many places and helped me get familiar with the area. She also has amazing recommendations. Definitely a must do if you are ever in Madrid.
Jessica PreidtJessica Preidt
11:59 08 Sep 23
Paula is the BEST GUIDE. I loved it. A lot of information and great energy! The tour was long, so bring water - and we got to try a shot of madroño drink! Very delicious!
Paula was an awesome guide tour! She was very knowledgeable of Madrid’s history. She was also very considerate with the tour pace and picked shaded spots or even where one could sit for a moment. She was very engaging and kind. Thank you for such great tour!
Brandi BassBrandi Bass
11:40 08 Jul 23
Paola was great! She was fun and informative! I would recommend her to all my friends.
Paola was the absolute best tour guide! I could not reccommend it more! Such a wonderful experience. I stumbled across this tour and it was super informative and I met the best people. Highly recommend for any solo travellers or anyone who wants an enthusiastic overview of the key things to see in Madrid. 10/10
Debbie KhanDebbie Khan
09:39 15 Jun 23
Yesterday we took a tour with Paula. It was probably the best walking tour I’ve ever done, and I’ve done many all over the world. She was absolutely amazing. She is knowledge, energetic, enthusiastic, and has amazing speaking skills. She is cable of answering all your questions and provides outstanding recommendations (we’ve already tried 4 of her suggestions and all have been fantastic and inexpensive). If you have an interest in Flamenco you should have her book a show for you; it will be less expensive and you will have better seats than if you do it yourself. Thank you Paula for truly enhancing our stay in Madrid!
Olivia HerbertOlivia Herbert
08:03 14 Jun 23
Wonderful, helpful, and so kind! Fernando was informational, and really considerate of us! He has wonderful recommendations, and is quite entertaining! We traveled for a solid amount of time and learned so much about Madrid! He provided us with a map at the end and a number to text him for more recommendations! Pick them for your tour!!!




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