The following terms and conditions of reservation together with our privacy policy and all information on our website, as well as all information used as advertising by any written way before confirming your reservation are part of the contract for the acceptance of services with FROM TRAVELERS TO TRAVELERS SL (or MADRIDE TRAVEL) Address in Calle Mayor 21, CP 28013 Madrid, Spain. Please, read them carefully as they detail our rights and obligations. In those booking conditions, references to “you” and “your” include the first person named or the unique name of the reservation and all persons in whose name a reservation has been made or any other person to whom it is added or transferred.

  1. When making a reservation, the first person named in the reservation (“Principal Name”) agrees in his/her name and of all the people in the reservation that:
    He/she consents to the use of the information provided in accordance with our privacy policy.
  2. He/she declares that he/she has read carefully and that he/she has both the faculties and the authority to be subject to them, both in his/her name and in the rest of the booking members.
  3. He/she accepts the responsibility of the payment of the reservation both in his/her name, and in the name of the rest of the members included in the reservation.
  4. He/she is of legal age and in full use of his/her mental faculties for and in case of requesting any activity with age restrictions, declares that he/she and the members of the booking are old enough to contract the service.

Most of the activities that we provide on this website are organized and carried out directly by the company FROM TRAVELERS TO TRAVELERS SL (MADRIDE TRAVEL) but we also have some activities in which we only act as a mediating agent and in this case your contract will be directly with the local operator that provides the activity and not with us. In any case, it will be very explicit in the activity before being confirmed. We will talk more about this topic in a later section.

The following sections apply to everything concerning reservations in which MADRIDE TRAVEL is the provider and direct organizer of the activities.



To complete the reservation of one of the daily activities will be necessary to make the payment of 100% of the total reservation. All our daily activities are subject to cancellation in case of not having the minimum number of people in the activity that are 3 adults. In case the activity does not comply with this minimum requirement, the activity would have to be canceled and 100% of the total reservation will be returned or a different date will be set for it.
The activities carried out and organized by MADRIDE TRAVEL that require 100% payment at the time of booking are:



Free activities will also need a reservation, but no payment will be necessary for these. Without reservation, you can attend the activity and if you have available space you can join the activity. Also, this activity is subject to the cancellation of this in case of not having the minimum required of people (3 people)

To confirm a group or private reservation it is necessary to make a deposit in advance of 50% either through a bank transfer or paypal, the rest of the reservation will be paid directly to the guide in cash on the day of the activity. No confirmation can be made without the first payment.

All group cancellations or changes in the number of people must be made at least 1 week before the date of the activity to obtain a full refund or 4 days to obtain 50% after this, there will be no refunds.

In case you need to add more people to the original group, you will have to discuss it first by email with the MADRIDE TRAVEL office as we may need more guides for your group.
It is the entire responsibility of the group to be punctual at the meeting point to start the activity. MADRIDE TRAVEL declines any responsibility for changes in the original itinerary in case the group does not arrive on time.


In MADRIDE TRAVEL we manage activities of collaborating companies and from which we as mediators receive the payments that we later transmit to that company. The contract that you acquire when booking an activity with a collaborating company will be directly with them and any responsibility within the activity is part of them. In these activities the name of the company will be explained explicitly, as well as their contact.

The payment for the activities will depend on the type of confirmation to which the activity is subject:

For the following activities the payment of 100% of the total reservation will be made and the activity is confirmed after making such payment. These excursions are: Toledo, Ávila, Segovia, Las Rozas, El Escorial, Panoramic Tour of Madrid and visit to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

For the following activities, after making the payment, this is retained pending of confirmation by the partner company as it is subject to availability, once the availability is confirmed, the reservation will be accepted and the payment processed. During the confirmation process the client can cancel the reservation by email or phone call, once the reservation is confirmed and the payment processed, the reservation is subject to the general cancellation terms. These activities are the following:
• Flamenco in the Carboneras
• Flamenco in the Tables
• Beer Bike
• Segway
• Tuk tuk

All daily activities already include 21% VAT on the final price. In the case of mixed group activities, it does not include it.
The applicable charges by method of payment will depend on which you have chosen.
Prices do not vary according to season, but may suffer permanent changes, in this case, you will be offered at no cost the option closest to your original offer, in case there is none will proceed to the return of the total reservation.
We reserve the right to change the price or correct it in case of errors, as well as in increments beyond our reach, such as those caused by, increases in taxes, fuels, transportation, etc.


In all reservations for daily activities for groups of less than 10 people and individuals, all changes that affect; number of people and date of the activity can be done up to 24 hours in advance without causing any type of economic charge.

Cancellations will be carried out in the same way, you will have up to 24 hours before the activity to cancel it. In case of canceling the reservation with less than 24 hours, there will be no right to refund.

For private, group activities with more than 10 people and private groups of any size, changes and cancellations must be made at least 1 week before the date of the activity to obtain a full refund or 4 days to get 50% after this, there will be no refunds. In case of adhesion of persons to the original number of the reservation that has been already made the first payment, the amount of the total of the added persons will be added in full to the second payment, in case of not having made the first payment, the amount will be will add and be divided into the 2 payments.



The “no show” (not attending the activity) will not be entitled to refunds or changes of any kind.


In all daily activities both the meeting points and the hours for the activities are already established and cannot be modified under any circumstances by any person who has made a reservation. In all the pages of each activity you will always find the time and the meeting point for that activity. It will be the entire responsibility of the members of the reservation to arrive punctually at the meeting point to begin the activity. In case of not showing up in time for the activity, the tour will start in the same way with the rest of the members for the activity.

Those reservations that for not arriving in time lose the activity, it will be qualified as NO SHOW and will not be entitled to reimbursement.
For all those private activities, a meeting point and time will be established at the time of confirmation. The guide / monitor will arrive punctually at the time and meeting point established. It is the entire responsibility of the group to be punctual at the meeting point to begin the activity. MADRIDE TRAVEL declines any responsibility for changes in the original itinerary in case the group does not arrive on time.


Each member of the reserve declares to have knowledge of the type of behavior that should be handled within all activities such as not to disturb the fun of the rest of the members. It is completely the responsibility of each member of the reservation to avoid behavior that may be offensive, stressful, or that puts other people at risk or that may cause any type of material damage to other people or changes in itinerary caused by this behavior. The company reserves the right to terminate any agreement or deal entered into on its behalf with any of our collaborating companies, as well as cease any agreement and responsibilities with you and all the members of your reservation, and therefore immediately terminate all benefits, services and obligations provided by our company to you and all members of your reservation. You as a client and on behalf of all the members of the reservation declare to be aware that in the case of damages caused to any type of property, person or company resulting from inappropriate behavior will be the only ones responsible for correcting said damages economically, both to us and to third parties involved in this situation. The total damages resulting from your actions will be validated immediately charged, to be paid by you and / or the reservation members. In case you do not take charge of such payments, you will be responsible for the (including legal costs) subsequently made against us as result of your actions together with all costs we incur in pursuing any claim against you

The company is not responsible for the behavior, losses and damages caused by any person in the activities we carry out.


You declare that you are in the basic physical conditions for carrying out the activity of your choice. The company disclaims any responsibility for damages of any kind caused by negligence or ignorance of diseases, dysfunctions or any kind of physical problems.

In the event of a member of the company detects in you or any member of your reservation any discomfort or health incapacity to perform any activity, these people will be removed from the activity immediately without any reimbursement or financial compensation from us or collaborators.

Any person who wants to be part of the activity declares to be of legal age (18 years) and to be in full use of their mental faculties, no service of any kind will be provided to persons under 18 without a responsible or legal guardian of this. For all those minors who want to be part of any activity carried out by the company, it will be essential to come accompanied by a representative or legal guardian, who declares to know and accept the terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policy in his/her name and the child in their custody.

In some collaborating establishments personal identification of any member of the reserve may be requested to prove the age of majority, in case of being able to prove it, the establishment or company can reserve the right of admission, without incurring any type of refund or compensation, on our part or the collaborating company.


All persons who enter into an agreement with the company through a reservation are obliged to comply with the laws and regulations established by the local government regardless of their nationality. Any person who violates any of these laws in any way will be immediately excluded from the reserved activities without any right to reimbursement or compensation of any kind. In addition, the person who is caught in any act that goes against local laws, will be made available to the competent authorities.



For any complaint related to the activity in which you are performing with us, you should contact your guide / monitor or any other representative of the company closest to you at that time. At that moment we will do everything possible to correct any malfunction that is within our reach. If the problem remains unresolved, the complaint must be sent by mail to info@deepbluehouse.com within a reasonable period of time (with a maximum of 3 months)
The company is not responsible for situations beyond our reach, such as; meteorological situations, situations of governmental, political conflicts, strikes, or any situation outside our activity environment.


If you have any request for special assistance, you must notify it at the time of booking, we and our collaborating companies will always do what is in our hands to make this request possible, but in no way can we guarantee that it will be done. The fact of confirming the reception and distribution to all the collaborating companies of said request does not imply the confirmation of the same. Failure to make such a request in any way implies the breach of the contract by us, unless we have confirmed the request explicitly and by written way. All reservations conditioned by this request will be valued and in case of not having the necessary to be able to carry out such a professional request, they will be rejected.



All images shown for the promotion of our activities and events are to illustrate these activities and events only. Within each activity both the places (restaurants, bars, clubs, clubs and any collaborating company, as well as the formats of drink, food, and offers may vary with respect to their illustrative image.

You declare to agree that all the images taken during any of the activities or events that we organize and provide can be used for our media, including social networks, web page, etc. by and for us at any time.


All reservations that both individual, small, large and private groups must be paid in full before the start of the activity, in the case of reservations paid, they will be confirmed immediately by email. In the case of reservations with a payment of a part of the total reservation as a deposit, you must pay the remaining according to the instructions of the confirmation and based on these terms and conditions. All reservation confirmations must be shown to your guide/monitor at the time of the meeting point. If you do not present a confirmation and your name does not appear on our reservation list, you must pay the full amount  of the total price of the activity in that moment directly to the guide/monitor, otherwise you cannot be part of the activity.


All the people who for some reason have not been able to make the reservation of the activity in advance and through our web page, will be able to present themselves at the meeting point and time to join it, in case there is still space. These reservations are limited to the number of people who are already confirmed, not being able to ensure participation in this activity.


Now, we will explain the responsibilities that we assume as an organizing and mediating company of services and events.

  1. We accept responsibility for the services provided to you by means of the agreement that is established within these terms and conditions, and the privacy policy, in addition to local laws. Subject to these, if any member of the company develops any activity not subject to or specified in the confirmation or invoice of your reservation and that is therefore subject to the contract for the provision of services. We will see ourselves in the need to remedy that lack in an economic way. The level of compensation will be equivalent to the level of the fault and considering all the factors involved in it. Please consider that it will be your entire responsibility in case of continuing with the complaint, demonstrating that this fault has occurred on the part of a member of our company or collaborators.
  2. The company is not responsible for illness or death during the activity.
  3. The company is not responsible for total or partial loss of personal belongings.
  4. The company is not responsible for the actions of the members of the group during the activities and the effects that this may cause.
  5. The company will not assume responsibilities derived from each person’s own decisions, such as intoxicants, or join another activity while doing ours.
  6. We do not accept responsibility for products that we do not organize and in which we only operate as an intermediary between you and another company. In this case our responsibility is limited to proceed with the reservation based on your instructions and the offer received from the company providing the service. In any case our responsibility in this situation is limited to the transfer of information and in that situation economically we can only be held responsible for the part commissioned by that reservation.



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