That is our motto, our company and what we always try to transmit to all those travelers who arrive in the city.

We love to travel! and for that reason, we like to give the treatment and the warmth that we would like to receive when we are away from home, help and empathize, something that only someone who has been on both sides of the situation can do.

From partygoers to entrepreneurs

The journey of MADRIDE TRAVEL began several years ago, in 2005 a group of several young people wanting to have fun started the first Pub Crawl in Madrid, the MADRIDE PUB CRAWL. Over time in the same year some leave and others join, little by little this starts to get better and the new company begins to have a good reputation. For several years we would be the only company in Madrid with this concept and of this type.

Another pioneering activity was also started in Madrid at that time, the FREE TOUR and although due to the company’s ups and downs and although well consolidated in 2009 we almost disappeared, but not without a bit of fighting, in 2010 we re-started as MADRIDE TOURS and stronger than ever since then, we continue trying to give the best service to all those travelers who visit the city, offering a good amount of events and activities for all those who want to join them, always basing everything on the quality of the services, not only ours, but also our collaborators, since we only work with the best in their field.

Nowadays, with the arrival of modernity, we adapt and move forward, always with the idea of ​​doing things as different as possible so as not to be just one more, although in this case, we have been the first.


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Head offices in C/ Mayor 21, Madrid CP. 28013

Tel +34 910 26 48 99


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