Flamenco Class Madrid Experience

Have you ever wished to have the chance to learn Flamenco dance? Well, we can make your dreams come true with our Flamenco Class in Madrid.

Don’t miss this opportunity to impress your friends and relatives with the outstanding Flamenco moves learned in our Flamenco Class in Madrid!


1 hour minimum

Professional teacher


Available in


Minimum 6 pax to Book

Mix this activity with

other ones to get the most out of the city


FROM ONLY 29€ (per person)

About this activity

Tapas, sangría, Flamenco!
When you hear these words, the first thing that comes to mind is… Spain, right?
Understanding the meanings of tapas and sangría is easier, isn’t it? But what about flamenco?
Flamenco is a combination of dance and music, filled with passion. It is characterized by rhythmic clapping, intricate footwork, and expressive hand, body, and arm movements. It is a blend of Arabic, Jewish, Gypsy, and Christian cultures.


Flamenco Class Madrid gives you the opportunity to have a fun time with your group as well. You will share some laughs while witnessing each other’s efforts to learn the dance moves, and later on, you can show off as a Flamenco crew.


To understand and feel it, the best way is to try it. MADRIDE TRAVEL offers you the opportunity to try a Flamenco Master Class with a professional teacher where your dream of experiencing this amazing cultural dance and music can come true.

Pack 1 (regular pack)

ONLY 29€ pp

The essential package is ideal if you already have another activity planned for the same day. It’s probably the best option for you. You will arrive, learn, dance, laugh, and then head off to your next activity. With this option, you’ll get:

  • Host
  • 1 hour flamenco master class
  • Professional  flamenco dancer / teacher
  • Dance room
  • Fotos
  • Videos

Pack 2 (+2 cocktails)

ONLY 44€ pp

With this pack, you won’t have any trouble learning how to dance because before the class, you will enjoy a special cocktail in a unique location inside one of the coolest food markets in the city…

  • Host and dance room
  • 1 cocktail before the class
  • 1 cocktail after the class
  • 1 hour flamenco master class
  • Professional  flamenco dancer / teacher
  • Photos / videos

Pack 3 (+4 cocktails)

ONLY 59€ pp

What is better than 2 cocktails? Of course, 4 cocktails! With this pack, you will get 2 cocktails before the class and 2 cocktails after the class, so the group will be ready for any other activity you have planned for the evening:

  • Host and Dance room
  • 2 cocktail before the class
  • 2 cocktail after the class
  • 1 hour flamenco master class
  • Professional  flamenco dancer / teacher
  • Photos and videos

What else to know

Professional Flamenco Teacher

Other languages under request

Starting time at your convenience

Pick up in the center area (by walk)

What is not included

Any food or drinks not mentioned


Entrance fees

Shaibaz GadhwalaShaibaz Gadhwala
12:13 18 Dec 23
It was really fun and very entertaining. We truly enjoyed the tour.
Frederikke SchubartFrederikke Schubart
12:13 18 Dec 23
Gamze Laden AcarlıGamze Laden Acarlı
20:44 16 Dec 23
Our guide Fernando explained the story of spain in a very fun way and at the same time showed us the most important spots in Madrid. He also gave us hints about where to eat, see a flamenco show and do shopping. I would definitely suggest this free tour.
Junior ReyesJunior Reyes
00:38 16 Dec 23
Felipe was a great tour guide! Such a fantastic night! Definitely would take this tour again!
CW/Eric SeoCW/Eric Seo
19:01 15 Dec 23
Paula was super great !
Katiana KrawchenkoKatiana Krawchenko
12:17 04 Dec 23
Paola is the absolute best!! She knows everything and is such a joy. Filled with wonderful recommendations and how to avoid overpaying for stuff. Would recommend her to anyone looking for a great tour in Madrid. Learned a bunch and had lots of fun.
Juliana SekaiJuliana Sekai
12:23 24 Sep 23
Paola’s tour was amazing. She explained the history of many places and helped me get familiar with the area. She also has amazing recommendations. Definitely a must do if you are ever in Madrid.
Jessica PreidtJessica Preidt
11:59 08 Sep 23
Paula is the BEST GUIDE. I loved it. A lot of information and great energy! The tour was long, so bring water - and we got to try a shot of madroño drink! Very delicious!
Paula was an awesome guide tour! She was very knowledgeable of Madrid’s history. She was also very considerate with the tour pace and picked shaded spots or even where one could sit for a moment. She was very engaging and kind. Thank you for such great tour!
Brandi BassBrandi Bass
11:40 08 Jul 23
Paola was great! She was fun and informative! I would recommend her to all my friends.
Paola was the absolute best tour guide! I could not reccommend it more! Such a wonderful experience. I stumbled across this tour and it was super informative and I met the best people. Highly recommend for any solo travellers or anyone who wants an enthusiastic overview of the key things to see in Madrid. 10/10
Debbie KhanDebbie Khan
09:39 15 Jun 23
Yesterday we took a tour with Paula. It was probably the best walking tour I’ve ever done, and I’ve done many all over the world. She was absolutely amazing. She is knowledge, energetic, enthusiastic, and has amazing speaking skills. She is cable of answering all your questions and provides outstanding recommendations (we’ve already tried 4 of her suggestions and all have been fantastic and inexpensive). If you have an interest in Flamenco you should have her book a show for you; it will be less expensive and you will have better seats than if you do it yourself. Thank you Paula for truly enhancing our stay in Madrid!
Olivia HerbertOlivia Herbert
08:03 14 Jun 23
Wonderful, helpful, and so kind! Fernando was informational, and really considerate of us! He has wonderful recommendations, and is quite entertaining! We traveled for a solid amount of time and learned so much about Madrid! He provided us with a map at the end and a number to text him for more recommendations! Pick them for your tour!!!




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