You are probably wondering, why flamenco in Madrid is so expensive?

We have the answer; is because some of the best artists of the flamenco world (specially from the south of Spain) are here. Then, you can be sure that expensive shows in Madrid will be some of the best of the world.

Flamenco in Madrid
You want to go the same places, but much cheaper?

The only thing you have to do is get this pack with us.

With us, you’ll get the entry for any of 2 of the top 5tablaos” of flamenco Madrid. Live this experience in a shared table with other travelers where you’ll get 1 drink included. Compare the prices on other websites and you’ll see: this is much cheaper. Also, with this pack after the show, you can join our pub crawl and get 50% off! Isn’t a good package?

Flamenco Las Tablas

Flamenco in Madrid - las tablas

Get this pack for only 23€

Meeting space for the stimulation of the senses.
A conjunction of creative power.
Concentrated in a cozy space where you will discover the passion of flamenco.
The subtle sensuality of the FLAMENCO in Madrid,
Space for……

Las Carboneras

Flamenco in Madrid - las carboneras

Get this pack for only 23€

Tablao Las Carboneras is located in the most traditional neighbourhod of the city, the Madrid of the Austrias, in the basement of the old palace of the Count of Miranda.

Born from the idea of recovering the old cabarets, this tablao and restaurant combines flamenco and avant-garde image with the best of…..

Our aim in MADRIDE TRAVEL is to offer you always the best quality activities foe the best price, that’s why we work only with the best places as well and in the Flamenco Madrid, Las Tablas and Las Carboneras are 2 of the top 5 places in the city, so you can be sure there is no way you’ll be dissapointed in any of the both options.


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