Treasure Hunt Madrid Experience

Are you looking for an exciting activity for your group? Would you like it in a way you can explore Madrid, learn and have a lot of fun? Treasure hunt Madrid is the answer to your search. Madrid is a beautiful city with many monuments, squares, parks and secrets. Treasure hunt Madrid will allow you to experience the city in a whole new way. You will have to pay attention to every detail, because there could be hidden hints everywhere to find the treasure!


2 hours

Live guide/monitor


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Minimum 7 pax to Book

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About this activity

Treasure Hunt Madrid is the best outdoor teambuilding activity, that will test the intellectual and physical skills of every participant to achieve the final goal: the treasure!

We also include 2 drinks in our Treasure Hunt Madrid, so you can rest and reload some energy between the challenges. We can include different themes in this activity according to your group, interests and requests.


Have an amazing experience searching for the treasure in Madrid
What is Treasure Hunt?
It is a set of different kind of games played generally outside with varied tests to win a prize, but it is mainly about testing your skills and having fun.

How to play it?
The games of the Treasure Hunt can be played individually or for more fun in groups where the teamwork and to share your skills with each other are important.


The objective of the Treasure Hunt is passing the test as soon as possible, before the other groups.
Some of the Treasure Hunt games between others are intellectual proof, searching for the treasure, balance, race…

What else to know

Live guide

Other languages under request

Starting time at your convenience

Pick up in the center area (by walk)

More questions?

2 drinks inlcuded

Pgysical activity

Team work

Treasure at the end

What is not included

Any food or drinks not mentioned


Entrance fees


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