FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an activity or tour?

You can book all our activities in our website, by selecting the activity and making your payment with CC.

My credit card is not working, how can I book a tour?

In that case contact us through email to info@madride.net and we'll provide you different options.

How can I book an activity for a big group?

For big groups please contact us through email: info@madride.net

Can I just show up to the activities?

You can try, but sometimes due to different circumstances, we need to provide information, change the meeting point or meeting time, so in case you don't have a booking you will not be notified.

How much is the Pub Crawl in Madrid?

The pub crawl Madrid costs only 13€ but keep in mind that the prices may change according to the season of the year.

Do I need to book the pub crawl in advance?

Yes, after Covid times we need everyone to book, and in case your credit card is not working you can contact us by phone, email or WhatsApp.

What time does the pub crawl start?

The Pub Crawl starts at 10:30 pm.

Can I take with me someone under 18 years for a pub crawl?

No, you will be visiting different bars and a night clubs that not allow people under 18 years.

The best day to go to a pub crawl?

That depends on what are you looking for. If you prefer to have the experience with so many people, the best day will be on weekends. But if you want to enjoy the experience with small groups. Then the best day will be at the beginning of the week.

Where do we need to pay?

You can make the reservation online through our web page and make the payment with your credit card. In case you want to make the payment in a different way you can contact us through phone or WhatsApp.

Will there be someone with us at the pub crawl?

Our tour guide will be next to you during the whole experience and until you arrive at the night club.

What should I bring for the Pub-Crawl?

A valid ID can be requested at the night clubs. So don't forget it!

What is the best pub crawl in Madrid?

Of course, we are! MADride Pub Crawl has been running since 2005 and after that many years we have had thousands and thousands of pub crawlers from all over the world! Nobody else can say that in Madrid!

is there a pub crawl in Madrid?

Yes, we are here for you running every night of the year!

How do free tours work in Madrid?

You are free to decide what the tour is worth and tip our guides with the amount that you consider it worth at the end of the tour. This means there is no risk of over-paying or feeling like you didn't get your money's worth.

How much should I donate to the guide for a free tour?

This is entirely up to you. We recommend that you consider a few things, such as; what a conventional paid tour would have cost you, your evaluation of the guide and their style, the quality of the content and information, if the tour lived up to or surpassed your expectations, how much you enjoyed the experience and, of course, your budget.

Do I need to book the free tour in Madrid?

Yes, nowadays is always better that you book your spot in case there are many people, because we have a maximum number of people per guide.

Where is the meeting point?

The meeting point is BEAR STATUE in Puerta del Sol.

How do I recognise the guides for the free tour in Madrid?

Our guides we'll be wearing a red t-shirt or jacket, and because we have a huge yellow sign that says FREE TOUR and has our logo on it. and REMEMBER we DON'T use umbrellas!

Can I get my dog with me during the free walking tour?

Of course, you can! We love doggies!

I'm with a group. Can we join the free walking tour?

If you are less than 6 people, you can book the free tour, in case you are more, you will need a private tour, please contact us to check the rates.

What kind of shoes/clothes should I wear?

The most comfortable you find in your luggage!

Does the free tour is running even in a rainy day?

Yes, as long as we have the minimum number of people the tour is running, so bring your umbrella.

How can I cancel a tour I've booked?

Cancellations can be made via your booking confirmation email. As well, you can request us the cancelation sending us an email address to info@madride.net

How can I change the date of my tour (after the booking)?

You can contact us directly to our email address info@madride.net with your booking confirmation, and your request.

The provider cancelled my paid tour, can I get my deposit back?

Yes, if the provider cancels the tour you are entitled to get your deposit back. We also offer you the option, to change your tour for another day and not to miss the experience. Just email us on info@madride.net with your booking reference number.

Can I change the date of my activity?

Yes of course, as long is inside of the 48hrs previous the date of the activity. If by any reason you need to change it after that period, please contact us via email to info@madride.net

What time does start the flamenco show in Madrid?

We work with different venues for the flamenco show, so typically the time they start are: 7, 8:30, 9 and 10:30 pm. Please check the availability if the want you would like to go.

What are the names of the flamenco places?

We work with 2 of the top 5 places in Madrid; Las Tablas Flamenco and Las Carboneras both in the city centre.

What does include the ticket for flamenco in Madrid?

Any ticket includes the show and 1 drink per person and 5€ discount valid to join the pub crawl after the show.

Can I just pay directly in the flamenco place?

You might try, but very often they are full, so you won't be able to get in. Also the prices directly in the place are different that in our website (is always cheaper with us).

How long does last a flamenco show?

Normally 1 hour.

Can I eat in the flamenco place?

Yes, you can, they have a menu and you will have to pay that separately there in the place.

Can children go to the flamenco shows?

The minimum recommended age for this activity is 10years old.

What kind of are tapas?

In our activities that includes food, like the Tapas Experience, the Tapas, and Flamenco Crawl, etc. The main dinners are tapas which are a variety of different local Spanish food.

I'm vegetarian, can I still join the activities with food?

I'm vegetarian, can I still join the activities with food?

I'm vegan, can still go to the activities with food?

Yes, you still can come, the variety it certainly will be much less, but you could still try some dishes, plus if you tell us in advance we can be sure there are more options or a nice local salad for you!

I'm celiac, can I still go to the tours with food?

Yes, there will be few options for you, no problem!

What activities with classes can I do in Madrid?

We have different activities, the ones that include wine tasting, the ones that include flamenco classes, cooking classes and beer tastings.

Do you need to have any previous knowledge to participate in these activities?

No, of course no. You can come with your group and start from zero, the idea is that you have a good time while you learn something new! But if you already know anything is also good!

How long does it last a flamenco class?

1 hour.

How long does it last a wine tasting and beer tasting?

Around 2 hours each.

Where is the flamenco class?

In a professional dance school.

Can pregnant woman come to a wine tasting?

Yes of course, she can decide to smell, taste, and spit the wine or just to stay there while she has another beverage.

Do I have to pay all the booking for my group, or can I just leave a deposit?

If you make your reservation online, you will have to pay everything. So, better contact us first and you can pay a deposit for the booking and then pay the rest. inf@madride.net

Can I combine different activities in 1 day for my group?

Yes, of course, contact us in info@madride.net and we'll discuss the possibilities for your group.

What are the activities I can do with my group in Madrid?

We have different varieties such as: • City tours • Food experience • Wine tasting • Tapas and Mysteries tour • Flamenco class • Treasure hunt • Murder mystery dinner • Pub Crawl experience • Picnic • Day-trips • And you also have combination of some of them like the wine tasting and flamenco class or the tapas and flamenco crawl.

Are those tours in Madrid running all year long?

Yes, well except the picnic, because for that we prefer to do it only on summer.



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