Paella Madrid Class Experience

Have you ever imagined tasting a paella made by you? Well, this is your chance to learn how to cook the most famous Spanish dish at our Paella Madrid class. An experienced chef will teach you all the secrets of an authentic Spanish Paella. So when you are at home and miss Spanish food, you can cook it yourself. This will give you also a big chance to impress your friends and relatives with your Spanish cuisine skills.

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About this activity

In the Paella Madrid Class Experience you’ll have cook paella and other kind of Spanish tapas (depending on the pack you choose) also you’ll learn how to make a tasty snagria, but the best of all is that after and your group finish to prepare everything you will eat it all!


Cook and taste the amazing food of Spain
Hearing the words „paella” and „sangria” you think about Spain, don’t you?
What is paella?
That yellow delicious dish what you see serving in almost all of the restaurants in Spain. The real Spanish paella is the Valencian style paella that includes rabbit, chicken, saffron, beans and rice but there is plenty kind of paellas. The most traditional one has chicken, saffron, seafood, vegetables and rice.
What is sangria?
Sangria is a cocktail of wine with different kind of preparations as adding to it fruits and other kind of alcoholic drinks.
It is based on red wine (generally on a young one), added to it juice, sugar and different kind of fruits as orange, apple or/and lemon but everybody can compliment it with anything they want.
The bases of the sangria are the same everywhere but the flavour is different because everybody are different too


But this is not all… At our Paella Madrid class you will also learn how to make the typical Spanish drink: sangria.
Paella Madrid class will test your cooking skills and it is also a great team building activity, so your group can cook and eat your own paella, and of course, drink your own sangria.


Get to try the cider from Asturias and some of the most famous food from the north of Spain.

You’ll have the oppourtunity to try the local liquor of Madrid; the “Madroño” licour, your shot will be served in a chocholate glass and of course you’ll get  more tapas and another drink.

To end this tour will take to another local restaurant where you and your group will get the a mix shared dinner with a variety of differnt tapas and 1 drink per person.

ONLY 28€ pp


The option 1 is already a great option but if you to include some other complements to your Madrid Food Tour Experience, you can do it!

With this option you’ll get to try the famous Spanish ham: The “Iberico” or well known as “pata negra” as well, plus other different variations from the spanish pork as the chorizo, lomo and extra cheeses and extra drink in the last place.

Basically you’ll get option 1 plus many more Spanish flavours, all an experience!

ONLY 38€ pp


Options 1 and 2 look really good, but what if we tell you can still make a better deal with this option.

With this you’ll have the opportunity to try also a real “Paella”, real paella? Yes! no the frozen one you can find in very corner, we’ll take you a special place known because its paellas plus everything includes in the option number 2.

For wine lovers….. in every place you’ll get only premiun bottles of wine, well, exept in the cider place where you’ll get….. of course…cider.

ONLY 65€ pp

What else to know

Live guide

Other languages  under request

Starting time at your convenience

Pick up in the center area (by walk)

Other questions?

Spanish food

Vegetarian friendly

Different kind of food and drinks

What is not included

Food or drinks not mentioned in your pack


In case you need anything  what is not mentioned,

we’ll be happy to assist you


If you have any question don't hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to help you!


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