Escape Room Madrid

Have you ever whised to be a hero and save the world? Well now you have the opportunity in our ESCAPE ROOM IN MADRID, you will need to use all your senses to be able to complete the mission.


1 hour

or less depends on your team


Available in


No minimum people

For large groups

Max 6 people per room


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About this activity

This fantastic activity will blow your mind. Your team will be locked in a room where you will have to solve all the puzzles, looking for the smallest hint, so you can escape before the time is over.
Escape Room Madrid gives you the chance to test the limits of your intelligence, intuition, observation and teamwork skills.



An escape room is an interesting game, a real-life team-based puzzle, where you are locked in a room and have to resolve puzzles with the help of the group to be able to get out while you have fun too of course. To solve the hints of the Escape Room you need to work in team, use your brain, your creativity and pay attention listening and watching everything. Almost everything in the room has relation so you need to see the small details and resolve them. You will be able to get out from the room resolving the puzzles and find the last code what opens the door. For all of this you have 60 min.


Being closed inside the room it feels real and gives you adrenaline. Solving the puzzles you feel you need to fight to save your life and when you escape in less than 60 min you really feel the victory and happiness because of accomplishing the mission.

What else to know

Live guide

Other languages  under request

Starting time at your convenience

Picking up in center area(by walk)

Some skils you'll use


Team Building



What is not included

Food or drinks

Entrance fee


In case you need anything is not mentioned let us know


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