November 24th│International Au Pair Day


Established in 1969 this day is the international Au Pair Day and we want to celebrate it with you! So, for that special occasion we’ll celebrate the SATURDAY 27th  and we have special offers and activities that can join without having a minimum of people in the booking, so everyone can join!

Activities for the Saturday 27th of November

  • FREE TOUR: start the morning getting to know Madrid in a fun an interesting way in a tour that last for 2.5 hours.
    • Starting time: 11 am
    • Duration: 2.5 hours
    • Price:  FREE
    • Meeting point: BEAR STATUE in Puerta del Sol
  • TREASURE HUNT: let’s keep discovering the best of Madrid by running through the city, solving riddles and interacting with local people!
    • Starting time: 3 pm
    • Duration: 2.5 hours
    • Price:  25€ (regular price) │Special price for Au Pairs 19€ ONLY
    • Meeting point: BEAR STATUE in Puerta del Sol
  • FLAMENCO CLASS: Because you are in Spain and we know you love to dance, so we decided to mix that 2 facts and you will have the opportunity to learn with a professional flamenco dancer!
    • Starting time: 6 Pm
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Price:  25€ (regular price) │Special price for Au Pair 19€ ONLY
    • Meeting point: BEAR STATUE in Puerta del Sol
    • limited availability for this activity
  • TAPAS EXPERIENCE. After all this walking, running and dancing, you’ll be hungry! So lets have some special route of tapas where you’ll get to try cider from the north of Spain, the famous Madroño liquor served in a special way and of course plenty of Tapas!
    • Starting time: 7:30 Pm
    • Duration: 2.5 hours
    • Price:  38€ (regular price) │Special price for Au Pairs 29€ ONLY
    • Meeting point: BEAR STATUE in Puerta del Sol
    • limited availability for this activity
  • PUB CRAWL: This already a classic come and join us to the first and coolest pub crawls in Madrid where you’ll have the regular offer wth a special price or for free!
    • Starting time: 10:30 pm
    • Duration: 5 hours
    • Price:  13€ (regular price) │Special price for Au Pairs 8€ ONLY in case you come to any other 2 paid activities, that day the pub crawl will be FOR FREE for you!
    • Meeting point: BEAR STATUE in Puerta del Sol

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What is an Au Pair?

In these modern times probably you are thinking to become an Au Pair or you are part of a family and you are planing to host an Au pair in Madrid or anywhere else and you still not sure what is exactly to be one; is she/he like a nanny? does she/he have to be part of the family? does the Au Pair have to clean or do any other kind of chores? Well , let’s check first the literal meaning of an Au Pair according Wikipedia and the European Union

An Au Pair is a person (normally a young girl, but in the past years, finding boys looking for a position or already in a family is becoming more common) that take care of the children in the family and provide some help with other home chores in the house, in exchange the parents will treat this person as another member of the family providing accommodation, meals and small salary for their personal use (this salary can vary from one country to another)

Well, we are agreed that the main job of an Au Pair, is to take care of the children in the host family, being from a foreign country this will help the children to familiarize with the mother language of the Au pair helping the kids to get more confidence and skills with that language, which for many parents could be the main point of having an Au Pair.

But, What is the Au Pair getting in exchange apart of working for an small salary?

For the Au pair having the opportunity to travel and stay a long period in a different country will give the opportunity to experience and learn since a very young age from a different culture, learn and improve a different language and and reinforce her/his future as an independent person, all this without having big savings in their accounts.

  • The bookings for this special day don’t required a minimum quantity of people per booking, but the activity itself must have a minimum quantity of participants, otherwise will have to be cancelled.
  • They activities may vary in some of their elements according the original offers, this because they will be adapt in time and price for a better suit for the Au Pairs in one day.
  • The first arrive, the first got served. Some activities have a limited availability so, we suggest you to book asap.
  • Payment, after you complete the form you will be contacted by a member of MADRIDE TRAVEL TEAM that will answer all your questions and will give you different options for your payment.
  • Showing up without it will be acceptable only for the FREE TOUR and PUB CRAWL, but there will be no discount for the last one. For the rest of the activities is mandatory to book in advanced.








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