Helping homeless in Madrid – care about the people in your city!

Helping homeless in Madrid

Make someone happy!

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The century we live in has changed our life style. We live in big cities, constantly in rush, dependent on technology and social networks. We walk through the streets staring at our mobile phones and we do not see the real life around us. We are forgetting to share and help others; at least with a little smile. We all have our problems, so we forget about the problems of others, especially marginalized groups of people, living in absolute poverty.

Writing this blog, I’ve found some shocking articles, like this one, where a man was describing the circumstances that brought him to the streets of Madrid. He described how hard life is on the street, how it feels when you realize that you don’t have money for a bed, how ashamed you feel when you have to sleep on the floor, on the bench alone like a dog. What is their future? We can’t say for sure… Can they see their future or is all they can see are the feet of people passing by and the rubbish they leave behind?

Around 1,900 homeless people live on the streets of Madrid. Life’s circumstances brought them here and each one of them has a different story. Thousands of people throw food away daily without even thinking that maybe there is someone out there who needs it. Is food their biggest worry or the fact they don’t have a home or shelter?

Maybe sometimes we judge them without even knowing their story? We don’t know how difficult is to sleep alone on the street or what kind of danger they are exposed…

Perhaps we change the way we treat these people? We can start with ourselves. Lift your head up! Look around you! Make a change!

Helping homeless in Madrid

Are we forgetting about those people who really need help?

Do you want to make a change? The best way to start is to invest a little part of your day to make someone happy!

We want to build a relationship with the homeless people in our city by greeting them on the street, asking their names and sharing food and drinks with them.

Just a few hours of our time can make someone’s day better!

If you want to join and make a change with us you are more than welcome!

Meeting point to help homeless in Madrid: Puerta del Sol, The Bear Statue, 20:00 hrs

We will prepare food and hot drinks, but if you want to bring anything you think will help with you, that would be great!

We are hoping this kind of events will reach the people and inspire and encourage them to help and share with others!

We would like helping homeless in Madrid to become a custom in our city, an event on a weekly basis, that strengths sharing and caring about others!


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