Madrid party in the full moon night – 14th of December!

Full moon Madrid party

It’s winter, it is very cold and cloudy these days in Madrid, and the best way to struggle with the winter is thinking about summer. We were thinking about this, and decided we should bring a bit of summer to our capital, and organize a different Madrid party to warm us up! We will bring some pieces of the full moon tradition of Thailand, paint our faces and shirts, and dance all night, though not on the beach wearing flip-flops! 😀


Full Moon Party of Thailand

The origins of the Full Moon Party

Koh Phangan is a very peculiar place, where you can experience your desert island dream having palm trees, amazing beaches with white sand and partying every month.

In the year 1987, a group of tourists (friends and backpackers) believed that the most beautiful moon was in Koh Phangan and they decided to throw a birthday party for one of them on the night of full moon in Thailand. They had the best time and decided to come back and do the same next year! After several years, the rumors about this party started to spread, and more and more people were joining the party until it became a festival!

The Full Moon Party is located in Haad Rin, the nightlife capital of Koh Phangan and has the biggest concentration of beach clubs.

A lot of people are attracted to this party, maybe because of the magic of the moon?

Nowadays in the low season 8.000-12.000 and in the high season 15.000-30.000 people join the Full Moon Party every month.

The party starts at the time the moon becomes full and lasts until the sunrise of the next day. The bars on the beach are open all night and play a different kind of music as psychedelic, trance, drum and bass, house, reggae, dance, and R&B.

We can see the Full Moon Party in movies too as in The Beach, Hormones, Last Stop for Paul and Comedy Central among others.

madrid party-fmtha

Advice for the Full Moon Party:

-Take a copy of your ID card.

-Take care of your valuables, safety lockers are available.

-Do not take bags to not to loose them.

-Wear shoes or trainers because bottles sometimes can break on the beach.

-It gets hot in the morning so cover up from the sun to not to get burnt.

What to wear at Full Moon Party?

Coloured T-shirts with “Full Moon Party” written in green and pink in a lot of distinct ways are very famous at the Full Moon Party.

Generally, girls wear shorts with bright color, mini-skirt or bikini bottoms in pink or green with T-shirt or a bikini top.

To show your skin is important because in the Full Moon Party there are a lot of artists who can paint your body in the way you would like it. Usually, the paint has bright florescent colors for girls and boys too.

Now we want to bring Thailand famous Full Moon to Madrid party!

Join Full Moon in Madrid Party for only 10 euros!

Meeting point: The bear statue, Puerta del Sol

Wednesday, 14/12/16 at 22:30 hrs

Sign up for the Full Moon Madrid party!

What to bring and do on the Full Moon Madrid party:

-A copy of your ID card.

-Take care of your valuables.

-Wear white shirt you don’t wear usually, so it doesn’t bother you if we paint it!

-Don’t wear flip-flops, wear normal winter shoes, we are still in December 🙂

Warm up with the free welcome shot at each bar!


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