How to survive Madrid Weather in Summer

Is Madrid weather as hot as people say?

Madrid Weather: Well, the answer could be both, YES and NO. So, let me explain to you why. If it´s your first time in the capital during summer let me advise you that you will immediately notice how dry Madrid could be.

This means few clouds around but a lot of sun radiations attacking directly through your skin. So, you must have to be extra careful and protect yourself with the sun’s cream and maintain hydrated. Also, when the heat starts (June 15th) the average temperatures are between 29° to 33° but easily the temperatures can reach until 38°.

But if you are one of the lucky people visiting Madrid while a heatwave is passing through Europe. Let me tell you that you will be amazed by thermometers showing temperatures over 40°!…….. I know, I know …. It sounds a little bit extra hot when comparing with other places. But remember this is a heatwave, so wherever you go in Europe the hot struggle will remain. Believe it or not, experiencing Madrid weather also has its positive part and awesome plans.

There are so many things to do!

Madrid weather in summer is always the nice and perfect excuse to show those abs you have been working on during the winter, or the new tattoo you just got and those fresh and colorful new summer outfits. Madrid and its many parks and lakes are a great option for it. If you have only visited Retiro Park, which means you still need to explore a little bit deeper Madrid, here you have some other options. Take some notes:

There are many more, but those are just to give you extra options and in case you want some freshwater:





Now, more ideas to handle the heat in Madrid!

In case you are thinking it still too hot to be around and walking on the streets, remember you always have the option to do indoor activities and enjoy a nice and fresh “Caña” or “Tinto de Verano in some of the thousands of terraces that you will find in the city. And when is the hottest time of the day maybe you want to practice the ancient and famous Spanish tradition; the “siesta”

How to discover the city without melting in the process

If you are visiting the capital, I will recommend you to be an early bird on the first days to discover the city because the Madrid weather during the morning is amazing on summer.

You have options like the free tour Madrid starting in the morning before it gets really hot. Later as I mention before indoor activities could be your option, and museums as The Modern Art Gallery Reina Sofía, the National Prado Museum or the Royal Palace, but probably you already have heard about them, right? For the art lovers, we have many more options out the classic ones: Cerralbo Museum, Madrid’s History Museum, Sorolla Museum, etc. In most of them, you can get the entrance for free. Do some research and check them out!

Sunset is coming!

When the sunset is coming is time to enjoy the Madrid weather, take a walk and explore those outdoor places that during the hot hours would be hard, as the area of the Royal Palace, Almudena, and Sabatini Gardens (especially beautiful at night) … Another nice plan could be getting amazed by the sunsets of the capital in the Temple of Debod.

If you are done for the day maybe you want to enjoy a Sangria or Tinto de Verano in a terrace in La Latina area, where you can choose between hundreds of them and get involved in the Madrileño vibe.

When the darkness arrives, the city becomes a different place where you can always find a spot to fit in. Madrid, famous for its nightlife and for that atmosphere that will always welcome you to be part of the craziness as a local.

There are different areas, all of them with different styles and you will choose to depend on your style. I can recommend you to try the Pub Crawl Madrid, a good opportunity to meet people from different countries while having a blast with your friends. But if you want to discover deeper each area, you´ll need to wait for the next blog…





Keep an eye on this because I’ll be back with more…


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