Welcome to our blog around Spain!

Welcome to our blog around Spain!

A blog around Spain: We welcome you directly from the center of this wonderful and cosmopolitan city called Madrid. (Do you know where the name comes from?), If so, congratulations! And if not, relax because we neither knew about it a few years ago. We are an amazing team of people passionate about travel and adventure always, ready to show you what every corner has to offer.

Let us invite you to follow our MADRID blog and discover things like “Madrid comes from the old Spanish Magerit, which means the land between rivers”.  Although its origin gives way to hundreds of hypotheses. We are a team dedicated to providing the best experience. When you arrive in Madrid, a city where we choose to begin channeling our passion to receive visitors. Become your guides and make your visit a memorable and unforgettable experience.

All the most relevant travel experience and knowledge finally gathered in a single web space: Madrid’s blog. We hope to see you often here, serving you as a guide to choose how you want to live the experience and making the decisions that best suit you.

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In this blog, you will find three categories

1. Tours: Where we want to show you more about our activities, what we can offer you, and our amazing team. Besides, to offer you a taste of the wonderful experiences you can live and experience on each tour.



2. About Madrid: This city has become our home, the reason why we have decided to dedicate a whole section to it. Here you will find those curiosities that you never imagine in Madrid, whether this is your first visit, or you are a local. Believe us when we said that you will discover details that will make you walk once again through the streets.


3. Tips for travelers: As the good travelers we are and already on the road, we want to give you our most useful tips, tips that we have learned from the recommendations of other travelers or things about destination. Here you will find a complete guide of wonderful tips for you to add in your travel plan.





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