Helping Homeless People in Madrid

A lot of people throw away food every day, without even thinking about how many people there are on the streets of Madrid, without shelter and any possibility to have a meal. Would you like to be an exception and make a little difference in this?

Winter is coming an is especially hard for those who live on the streets and have no much to eat, therefore we would love if you can join us and bring anything your budget can afford, it could be food, something to drink or some clothes you have had in the closet for a while especially if is winter clothes. If your budget does not allow you to bring anything, don’t worry, come and help or even just talk to people, we’ll really appreciate it.

We know everybody has their troubles but sometimes helping others could be a nice way to forget as you are making somebody else smile for a moment.

Would you like to make a difference in this crazy world?

We’ll suggest the start from the bottom, let’s try together!
On October 29, we are going to meet for helping homeless people in Madrid!

Check our Calendar of events Madrid for more info about our activities.

Meeting point for Helping homeless people in Madrid: Puerta del Sol, The Bear Statue at 20:00 hrs, search for us with a white Helping Others sign.

¡Helping homeless people in Madrid!

¡Helping homeless people in Madrid!

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